Gold Tagging


Gold tagging days are: 22nd Jan and 19th Feb please contact Ben Gould to get a slot booked in, Gold Tagging days will be open to ALL NASA Drivers/Cars.
Red tagging days will be released at a later date

2023 Rules Update Part 2


Excessive smoke from any car may result in a black flag and may not be allowed to race for the rest of the meeting.

As of 1st January 2025 all Titanium (except internal engine parts and exhaust) will be banned.

Seats must remain in its entirety (Inc cushioning) and must have the manufacturer label clearly readable and certified for motorsport.

Seat mountings MUST NOT be bolted through the mounting bar, a fully welded in threaded insert may be used, Alternatively tabs no smaller than 25mm wide and 3mm thick and appropriately spaced may be used.

Startline brake MUST be fitted to all cars.

All Class 1 cars (except mini) decking/skimming of blocks prohibited.

Junior specials
Weight must be added via heavy wheels, battery, etc before any ballast is to be added. The ballast must be in plate form and a maximum size of (200mm L x 150mm W x 75mm T) and any individual plate must be no thicker than 10mm, ballast must be sealed by league scrutineer, Location of ballast must be between nearside and offside chassis floor limits, at the non-drive part if the vehicle, Ballast box must be mounted with 4 x 10mm bolts and full nuts or 4 x 25mm stitch welds. Ballast MUST be fixed to the ballast box base plate and held in place with 2 x 12mm bolts and full nuts. 10mm of thread must be above the ballast plates at all times. See special General rulebook : Fig 34 for diagram.

Class 8
Location of ballast must be between nearside and offside chassis floor limits, at the non-drive part if the vehicle.

Class 3
Spaced framed class 3 cars will need to be recheck for their Red tag due to significant changes to the Class 3 rules.

2023 Rule Update


Class 1
micras, 175-65-14 tyres are still under trial in 2023 Aygo, 107, c1 weight limit reduced to 670kgs All welded /spot welded brackets/tabs must remain Seats-Chemical foam infill permitted All seats must have manufacturers name brand/model present Stripping of fabric/foam/cushions is not allowed Seat mounts must have welded tabs/brackets minimum of 40mm wide 3mm think or threaded/sleeved insert

Class 2
suzuki swift granted as a experimental All fuel/air delivery and control must be prior to the restrictor plate All carburettors must be complete Class 2 micra may use a rear bumper on the front with a maximum of 4 holes drilled for cooling purposes

Front side panels, from the front upright to the nose must be a minimum of 1mm steel or 2mm aluminium Bolting x2 1mm aluminium panels together to achieve a 2mm overall thickness is permitted

Stock hatch
Acid dipping or sandblasting is not allowed, seam sealer/underseal can only be removed by scraping or wire brushing

Junior specials
Minimum overall weight with driver is 525kgs weight to be measured with car and driver only maximum permitted ballast is 25kgs to be secured by m12 bolts

Additional rules
Shock sliders must have a minimum of x6 m8 fixings/bolts

The floor line does not count as a panel line All nuts/bolts/lock nuts must be steel Aluminium/titanium is not allowed All cars must have a start line brakes fitted, class 1, 2, stock hatch my remove ratchet mechanism from original parking brake
Excessive smoke from a cars exhaust is not to be tolerated any longer, any car being found to be smoking excessively at the marshal's and scrutineers discretion may potentially be black flagged and banned from racing until the issue is fixed.

Drive Tyres - Statement from Barry Holloway


"It has been brought to my attention that there may be serious irregularities regarding a particular type of tyre being supplied to our sport.

The tyres in question are 195/65/15 & 185/70/14 AGI-Sarak and bear the E certification number of E11 108R -000001, but have no date stamp , no temperature, tread or traction information printed on them. They may also bear a red sticker on the side wall showing the words “NASA DRIVE”, even though they are not approved by NASA. Please note that this advice does not relate to any tyres which do show the information referred to.

I strongly advise you to inform your members immediately that it may be an offence to use the tyres in question on any motor vehicle or trailer on the road, and they should not do so until and unless this point has been clarified. Further, they cannot use these tyres at NASA events, as they do not comply with NASA’s rules and hardness requirements. The National Autograss Sports Association is currently investigating the position, as a matter of urgency, and will advise further."

Class 1 and Class 2 - Engine Sealing


All Class 1 and 2 cars will need to be presented for engine sealing BEFORE qualifying begins.
please message Ben Gould to arrange this. It is possible to complete this at the same time as red tagging.

Junior Specials - Tyres


Junior Specials are now permitted to use 185/65/15 tyres.